Evolutionary Predecessors to the Flat Earth

People once thought the earth was flat.

I think this concept falls flat. In the WAY olden days, people didn’t hop into their Lexus with GPS, and chat on their cell phones to find a latte on the flat earth.

The ROUND Earth is so logic laden, it defies explanation. Anyone with even the slightest tendency to discern ‘how things work’ should come to ‘believe’ the earth is probably round.

Let’s go back in time: Your home is a campsite. Most likely, this is where the majority of people spent their time. You notice the sun rising over yonder past that big tree in the morning, then setting over the lake in the late afternoon. You can’t help to notice that it does this every day.

Every evening the moon comes up from the direction of that big tree, and goes down over the lake.

An Earth-centric Universe seems a logical premise to those without modern technology, but a flat earth? Really? Where do the sun, moon, and stars go, after descending beyond the lake? How do they come back up, (and in the same approximate spot,) every day? Are they rolling across the underbelly of the flat earth until they push out and ‘rise’ over the big tree? Do the oceans spill out over the edge? Why do the waves keep crashing into the shore?

Seems round is more logical – – like the shape of the moon!

I also don’t see how evolution precludes creation.

Evolution is proof that life comes from life. This forms the foundation for every single cell within any evolutionary process, ever.

Life didn’t evolve from non-life. The first life was not evolution: that process began after life.

The core of evolution is it’s most tangible proof : life never produces life – – without a living predecessor.

The evolutionary process has nothing to do with life’s inception.

Every life came from the life before. Without this mandate, evolution would be unable to operate – in theory or in practice – even for a nanosecond.

The moment any life isn’t a byproduct of evolutionary processes, evolution’s explanatory power becomes flaccid. If abiogenesis could ever be proved, it would disprove evolution is needed for life. Nothing more, nothing less.

Even God is powerless to defy evolutionary processes more than that.

That is, more or less, the dawning of a rapidly expanding universe within the conceptual confines of science.

Scientific Proof of The Virgin Birth

The Virgin Birth is a governmentally sponsored program, taught in public schools.

I’m not kidding.

It isn’t just viable, it is a done deal. Scientific FACT, as it were.

Though we are told it is both theory and fact, the theory has more holes than the human body has pores. Everything enters through these pores, yet the one organism which takes in the information is led astray by The Science of Theory.

I used to sit firmly on the other side of this debate. Unfortunately, I don’t lean with a political party. This leaves me to fend for myself when it comes to the daunting task of thinking. Ultimately, we are all experts in the realm of experiencing our own lives.

The scientific explanation of organic matter evolving from nothingness just doesn’t sit well with me. Perhaps it is because entropic origins mutating into highly structured cells and organisms hasn’t been explained in a manner which my wanton feeble mindedness can easily approach. However, all is not lost.

I may yet evolve into a being capable of processing such ‘proven’ processes.

Is it possible the origin of life and the origin of species are unrelated?

There must be instances – scientifically reliable data – which proves this happened before and/or since, no?

Because ‘the origin of the species’ doesn’t explain the origin of ALL species, Darwinian evolution throws scientific method in the middle of a ‘random chance’ argument by example.

Science purports:

1.) Thermodynamics is scientifically sound.
2.) The Big Bang is scientifically sound
3.) Evolution is scientifically sound.
#1 doesn’t rule out #3. #2 gives it some problems, but doesn’t rule it out. However, #1 and #2 seem incompatible, since energy must come from somewhere.

The Resurrection is not disputed by evolutionary theory. In fact, it is like sparklers on the 4th of July. Christ rising from the dead pales in comparison to Darwinian science: a virgin cell formed, (parentless,) from nothing.

Every distinct life-form spawned from the self-procreating Virgin Cell on a lifeless planet.

Thankfully, our taxpaying dollars educate our youth that The Virgin Birth is FACT.