Proper Training

We don’t have proper training in how to interact. We haven’t been told, haven’t been schooled on the procedure, on proper etiquette, or given a why to assimilate. Opposing perspectives often have that pesky paradigm attached. It is nearly impossible to understand someone when they are operating on a different paradigm. It is like a deaf person using sign language to communicate with the blind: We don’t need to re-word, we need to learn how to communicate, properly. When this isn’t part of the learning process, everything else is on a fast track to the swirling waters around the drain.

We aren’t taught properly, in our society. Not only aren’t we given the tools, we aren’t even shown what tools might be helpful in our endeavors! Generational wisdom is lost. We can no longer even teach our children about life. What we know about “how life works” is largely out-dated and irrelevant, in our modern society. This is true today, and will only become increasingly true through the passage of time. In fact, in just a generation or two, it will be the children teaching their parents, far more than the other way around.

This happened when the internet became “a thing”, in the 21st century. Older folks had no idea how to use this new medium. Parents were being taught by their children. With the ever-increasing, rapid acceleration, hitting the future overdrive at warp speed, tradition has been forced out; lost forever. Seen only in movies, and “books” that future generations will read… on a screen.

It is sad, but not just in a “passing of time” way. We have withered in the weather of sadness, which is no longer an occupational hazard of life, but is fast becoming the way of life. Gone are the days of nostalgia, like tumbleweeds, dried and crackling, rolling along on the parched desert sands of our nation’s landscape. “Nothing stays where nothing grows”.

We are searing towards a place where no one can relate to another. Finding common ground is becoming more uncommon. Disconnection and isolation is the new normal. We fuel it. We feed it because it’s the only love we can always give confidently. Love was never meant to be callous. In any screen-centric society, people become callous towards romantic love.

Go hug someone. Now.