What’s gonna happen to the churches?

What’s gonna happen to our churches if the economy tanks?

This was on my mind this past Sunday as I looked up at the balcony pews. 100 years ago, these would all be filled. Of course, people understood what was important 100 years ago. Modern man is on a quest to gather the latest accoutrements with which to ful-fill our lives, disappointed when we don’t get to show them off to the appropriate party. As discontent sets in, we remember: there are always more things to acquire.

Our love life is not exempt.

Look at the ‘stars’ in Hollywood. They always have some nice looking hottie to grab hold of while they prance around in public. Stars like being seen arm in arm with beauty. This makes them look better. Alas, they have achieved what the masses think they want: I want to be envied.

How sorely this misses the point.

When our economy tanks, who will fund our churches? Catholic Churches have closed down by the fistful. Although other churches are not immune to this phenomenon, when the Goliath of Christianity continually cowers to the crumbling economic maladies and residual fallout of it’s dwindling supporters, what will happen when the spiritual dung hits the fan full force? Will it be enough to stop the fan from moving?

I’m not scared.

My wife constantly marvels at this aspect of me: “Nothing scares you,” she says. It’s true. What is the worst that can happen? Death? If so, then I’ll be fine.

What will happen to religion in a fiscal cesspool? Hold on to your seats, we are on the verge of finding out. While Christianity is celebrated in the church, our churches are not the message. The Message is far bigger than the conglomerate of our churches. No matter what happens to our economy, Christianity will prevail.

In a financial crisis, people will be scared. (In case you haven’t been out amongst the people, they already are.) They will hold tight to their money. Many will renounce their beliefs, feeling that the economy is the benchmark of happiness, and shows how God is rewarding them. When the money dries up, many will feel betrayed. They will lose sight of God. But God will be right there waiting. When we shun God, that only hurts us.

Wait till the crisis hits. There will be lots of bad stuff, but take a good look around you. You will be amazed at how many great people there are. People will come out in droves just to lend a helping hand.

This is our nature.

Once the crisis is over, we need to remember this spirit. Churches don’t provide spirit, they only place the call. Though a crisis brings out the best in people, we don’t need to wait before we answer the call.