Ice Cream Stand

Okay, here’s just a little quirk of mine: A pet peeve, which peeves me more than my pet peeving all over the floor.

When you go to an ice cream stand, why can’t they exchange the money before making your order? This is almost never done.

I order a cone. The worker makes my cone, and hands it to me. As I hold the ice cream cone, it begins to melt. I take out my wallet with my other hand. I flop it open on the counter, trying to pry some dollars out of it, while pushing back those I don’t need. Since I don’t know how much the cone is (until it is dripping on my hand,) I am unable to gather whatever change I have. So I pull out the largest possible dollar, producing the greatest amount of change. I flip my wallet shut and secure it in my pocket. I then switch hands, take the change, and put it in my other pocket. (If I put the change in the same pocket, all the loose dollars would come flying out when I pulled out the wallet). After I am done with the ice cream cone, I take my sticky hands and put them into my pockets, so I can put the change in it’s proper place. The sticky remnants are now in my pocket, and on the dollars which are against the walls of my wallet.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to exchange the money first? I think it would also be easier to leave a tip, when the sticky-drip jugglefest isn’t in session.

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